Long Range Outdoor Proximity Card Reader with LED
Heavy Duty 1200lb Electro-Magnetic Lock
Indoor color dome camera with varifocal lens and auto-iris.
Short Outdoor Camera Housing
Megapixel Rated Indoor Serial Digital Interface Camera (SDI)
Indoor color dome camera with varifocal lens and auto-iris & day/night sensitive video sensor.
Board Varifocal Lens 3.5-8mm with Manual Iris

High resolution board camera for kits and do-it-yourself (DIY) CCTV camera projects.

Nubix 4RT
Nubix 4-Channel Real Time Security DVR

Nubix 8HD
Nubix 8HD MAC & PC Compatible Hybrid 8-Channel Security DVR

Nexxa 4 NVR
Network video recorder with 4 channels.

High Resolution SDI CCTV Camera PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 16:20

Serial Digital Interface (SDI) is the new up-and-coming standard for digital video transmission that allows signals from a digital video source and/or digital audio source to be transmitted over standard coaxial cables. This allows an easy and economical upgrade path for users who already have a traditional CCTV network in their home or business. The difference between standard CCTV and HD CCTV video quality is astonishing. People soon forget the hassle of upgrading when they see the picture and all owners appreciate the fact they don’t have to rip up their property to install specialized HD cable runs. Other features of the TCL-553SHD include:

  • 1/3" color high resolution CMOS video sensor
  • 1080P Digital signal processing
  • 1000-TV lines (min.)  resolution
  • 0.1 LUX minimum illumination, f1.2
  • Auto-electronic shutter
  • Auto-iris controls
  • Auto white balance, auto gain control
  • Back light compensation (selectable)
  • Built-in anti-aliasing and IR-cut filter
  • Sensitive to infrared light (requires a radiant IR source - not included)
  • C or CS- mount lens compatible (C-ring provided)
  •  Power: 12VDC
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