Proximity Card Read PIN Reader with Keypad
Sealed Metal Outdoor Card Reader
300lb Electro-Magnetic Lock
Infrared Controlled Elcectronic Push-To-Exit Button
Heavy Duty Angle Camera Bracket with Swivel Head
Active Balun, Video Transmitter and Amplifier Module
Mighty Mini indoor high resolution dome camera.

Outdoor bullet camera with infrared LED array.

Basic Video Doorbell Monitor and Camera

24VAC Wall Mount Power Box with 8 Individually Fused Output Channels

Outdoor long range bullet camera with built-in infrared array.

Nubix 8RTPWR-CON1800

Orbix 8MX
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Orbix 8MX

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The Orbix 8MX security DVR is an excellent choice for small and medium size properties. It use H264 compression algorithms to record compressed video files from up to 8 cameras, has loop-out connectors on every camera channel, multiple fire/alarm sensor inputs and outputs, four audio inputs and a point-of-sale interface.

Based On Linux

The Linux operating system lies at the heart of this DVR. The on screen display menu offers several languages to suit a wide variety of users. If this multilingual GUI (graphical user interface) ever needs an update you can download it for free from our support site. A USB drive (one comes free with the DVR) is used to transfer it from PC to the DVR.

H264 Recording

The Orbix 8MX security DVR can record at up 120 IPS (images per second) using the latest H264 video compression. Make recordings in CIF, half D1 and D1 resolution with picture quality selectable in several levels from VERY HIGH to LOW. Watch your videos on a VGA or a composite monitor straight from the DVR or download video clips to a USB drive and watch them on your PC or Mac (using QuickTime media player).

Easy Networking

Network connection is easy using the built in RJ45 Ethernet (10/100 Base) style LAN connector on the back of the DVR. Standard network protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, and DHCP apply. Use MS IE7 or higher for remote live viewing over the internet or to play back any recording, or to change setup remotely (as long as you have the necessary security passwords).

We also provide - for free - advanced remote camera management software (CMS) for the Orbix MX series. This software makes using Orbix MX security DVRs a pleasure.

  • Video Compression: H264
  • Eight (8) video inputs
  • Eight (8) video loop out connectors
  • Display Resolution: 720x480 (NTSC)
  • Eight (8) TTL level alarm inputs with 2 relay outputs and 2 TTL level outputs
  • Four (4) audio inputs with RCA style connectors
  • One (1) audio output
  • One VGA monitor output, one main output (BNC), and one spot monitor output (BNC).
  • Recording modes: time lapse, event, time & event, emergency/panic mode
  • Synchronized display - view multiple camera recordings synched to a time index
  • Backup video files on USB flash drive
  • Save configuration/setup data on a USB flash drive
  • Administrator/user level passwords
  • PTZ control with RS485 serial
  • POS - Point-of-sale connectivity lets you hook up your compatible cash register, ATM, or similar device.
  • S.M.A.R.T. hard disk drive monitor
  • EMERGENCY/PANIC record mode
  • Free advanced CMS (Camera Management System) software
  • Free USB flash drive
  • Free Infrared Remote Control