Nubix 8HDX
Advanced Nubix MAC & PC Compatible Hybrid 8-Channel Security DVR
RCA Cables for Audio Connections
Bulk Box of Unterminated CAT5 Cable for LAN and Networks
Coaxial Balun CAT5 Bare Wirt to BNC Connector
Data Signal Surge Protector
Regulated 12VDC Power Adapter for 120VAC Outlet, 2A Max. Output
Wall Mount 12VDC Power Box with 16 Individually Fused Channels

12VDC Wall Mount Power Box with 4 Individually Fused Output Channels

Electric Door Hardware Isolator Relay

Nubix 8HD
Nubix 8HD MAC & PC Compatible Hybrid 8-Channel Security DVR

Nexxa 4 NVR
Network video recorder with 4 channels.


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This proximity card reader is a perfect access control device for inside doors in any sensitive area. Maximum distance is approximately 15cm (5.9 inches). Users have an LED and a buzzer to indicate status, and a keypad is available for PIN input.

Constructed of tough ABS plastic.

Best when used with our controller, model ECL-1000.

  • 12 character numeric keypad
  • 1 red/green LED
  • Buzzer
  • 11 sets of time codes
  • Up to 120 holiday schedules
  • Keypad will lock for 30 seconds after continuous error operation
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent system halting
  • Support delay relay auto-relock function
  • RS-485 support for networking (via controller or directly)
  • Built-in reader and additional reader support port for exit or anti-pass-back function
  • Control mode, card capacity and card type assignable by user directly
  • RF Frequency / Reading range 125 kHz / 10-18cm
  • Networking: RS-485, 9600, N, 8, 1
  • External reader port: Suitable for all WG, ABA reader, 125K, 13.56M (Mifare) or 2.4G reader
  • Door relay: 12VDC @ 2A NO/NC/COM 0.1-60 sec. latch type
  • Alarm relay: transistor output/serial output (selective)
  • DI input: Egress button / door sensor / card sensor
  • Tamper switch
  • Serial port: limit switch (form C)
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 112mm x 76mm x 25mm (4.41" x 2.99" x .98")
  • Connect to PC using ECL-CN550