Proximity Card Reader with Keypad and LCD Panel
Indoor color dome camera with varifocal lens and auto-iris.
RCA Cables for Audio Connections
Video Signal Balun and Filter For Security DVRs
RJ45 to Coaxial Balun with Power Connector
Outdoor bullet camera with varifocal lens and built-in infrared array.
Low-Light Optimized 3.5-8mm Varifocal Lens with Manual Iris

Nubix 8RT
Nubix 8-Channel Real Time Security DVR viewable on iPhone - Android - Blackberry

Super mini high resolution outdoor turret camera with IR and anti-vandal features.

24VAC Wall Mount Power Box with 16 Fused Output Channels

Nexxa 9 NVR
Network video recorder with 9 channels.


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This UL listed wall mount power supply is housed in a metal cabinet. It has four (4) individually fused outputs and a status LED. The metal cabinet can be locked and has marked knockouts for customization.

Regulated 12V Security Camera Power

This 4-channel DC power supply plugs into a standard North American 110/120VAC wall outlet. It is designed for permanent installation. Maximum power (current) draw is 4 amps, measured as a sum of all 4 channels. A pot. is available so the user can fine-tune the output voltage (in a range of 11-14VDC, typical).

TCL-PS4DCBAT 12VDC Camera Power Supply with Battery Backup

Contains an internal battery and charge circuitry that will power your cameras in the event of a power failure. NOTE: Powering DVRs and other equipment may require additional consideration. Check with the surveillance network manager of the site.

  • UL #E316342
  • Regulated 12VDC outputs
  • Each output individually fused
  • LED indicator
  • Requires 110/120VAC source
  • Max. current: 4 amps
  • Adjustment pot. on board for fine tuning voltage output.
  • Dimensions: 247.65mm x 95.25mm x 206.38mm (9.75" x 3.75" x 8.125")
  • For critical applications ask for ECL-PS4DCB, the same 12VDC power supply with a built-in battery backup system.