Basic CCTV Video Signal Modulator
8.0mm Fixed Focus Lens with Manual Iris for CS-Mount
Black-and-White Video Door Phone with Handset
Indoor color dome camera with varifocal lens and auto-iris.
Twist-On BNC Male Connector for Coaxial Cable Termination
Indoor color dome camera with varifocal lens and auto-iris & day/night sensitive video sensor.
Outdoor Condominium Color Doorbell Video Camera w/Microphone & Speaker

Indoor box style security camera with low light sensitivity. Lens sold separately.

Outdoor Condominium Color Doorbell Video Camera w/Microphone & Speaker

24VAC Wall Mount Power Box with 8 Individually Fused Output Channels


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We've coupled a proximity card reader with a biometric fingerprint sensor to create a door/portal access control device for locations that require identity confirmation with controlled access. This proximity access card reader is coupled with a biometric fingerprint sensor for extra security. Maximum distance is approx. 15cm (5.9 inches). Constructed of tough ABS plastic.

  • Designed for indoor installation
  • Short response time
  • Standalone or use with PC (software included)
  • Large fingerprint capacity (up to 4500) & high recognition rate
  • Backup recognition mode for pool fingerprints, password or ID card
  • Master card assignable
  • Card capacity: 10,000 users
  • One RS-485 port supported for networking
  • Fingerprint database download/upload supported
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent the system from halting
  • External reader port 26/34 bit Wiegand format for anti-pass-back.
  • Alarm function available (tamper, force entrance, door open too long)
  • Keypad locks for 30 seconds, while continuous error operation
  • Universal serial port supported for LED display, printer, lift controller, ETC
  • Lift control: 5,000/32 stops
  • Access mode: card only, card or PIN, card and PIN
  • Fingerprint access mode: card & fingerprint, card or PIN & fingerprint, card & PIN & fingerprint, 4 digit user number & fingerprint
  • Matching mode: High end optical sensor 500 dpi resolution @ 8 bit gray scale
  • Area of input: 18mm x 16mm
  • Panel display: English, French, Italian, Danish, Greek, Spanish
  • External reader port: suitable for all WG, ABA reader, 125K, 13.56M (Mifare) or 2.4G reader
  • Networking: RS-485, 9600, N, 8, 1
  • Door relay: 12VDC @ 2A NO/NC/COM 0.1-600 sec. / latch type
  • Alarm relay: 12VDC @ 2A NO/NC/jumper selectable 0.0-600 sec.
  • Serial port: supported for ACC995, LED display, relay board, printer (4800, N, 8, 1)
  • Anti-pass-back: yes
  • Door group: 255
  • Time zone: 63
  • Event storage capacity: 11,000
  • Card reading range: 8-15cm (3.15"-5.91")
  • Power: 9-24VDC, <5W
  • Temperature: -20° C - 75° C (-4° F - 167° F)
  • Use with controllers like our ECL-ACC1000